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Once upon a Time by Judah 5/18/2011

Once upon a time there was X walking around and he just saw little people eating their ice cream but the ice cream truck just left. X jumped on the ice cream truck and then he saw The Hoof and he said ‘Hoof! ‘ but The Hoof stepped down on him and grinded him up and then X became super strong and lifted The Hoof up and smashed him around and squished him. And then he heard a ‘boom bap boom’ and he rushed for The Snake and then it was too late The Snake has been dead. But the good guy tried healing him but it really worked and he came alive again. He came alive because he was dead. Then The Snake said ‘Hey X, let’s eat our eyeballs off’. Then The Snake ate the X then X punched out of snake’s body then he put a curtain on him then he was dead then came alive again.

Green Soap the Good Guy by Judah 1/21/2011

“I am the green Guy that is the green soap guy that shoots green soap then the bad guys get dead” he shoots green  soap “sphhhhhhsh” then falls over.Then the bad guys go in jail. Then he goes home, and his house is lots of different colors. Then after home he found a little cricket, and and a little dinosaur, and a little dragon, and he put them in a cage and looked at them, all of them stared at him. Then he let them out of the cage because the cricket jumped out so he let the dragon and dinosaur out. Then after he let them out he showed his friend them. and then the bad guy was out side and then he shot fire at his house, a lot of fire. They ran out of the house and they attacked him with their soap, and one good guy got dead, the one that had the girlfriend. and then the Ninja Turtles came and Leonardo attacked the bad guys. Michelangelo got dead and the bad guys went to jail. all the good dead people got up and then, happily ever after.